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Recursively delete .svn directories

I use this command so often, but noticed that today the page that I always grep it from is gone . So here it is, if you copy some folder within a SVN repository it will still contain all those pesky .svn folders which makes checking that new copy in impossible. So run this command [...]


Text addition for image collage with HTML5 and Canvas

Recently I was asked the question whether it would be possible to add text to the dynamic image collage project I created 2 years ago and because I was kinda curious to see whether it would be I decided to take a look back at that legacy code and introduce the possibility to add text [...]


Internet Explorer Emulator

Sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. And recently an image on Reddit triggered this huge miss in my life! Ever since getting rid of Internet Explorer I haven’t seen those awesome “not responding” pages . Because I thought it would be very useful to re-live this memory, I decided to build [...]


Animated website background with HTML5

After fooling around with some of the basic HTML5 Canvas features for my previous post, I decided to also work out some other ideas I had. Today I started implementing a simple animated background for a website.


Dynamic image collage with HTML5 and Canvas

There is an update to this post that adds text support to the collage: http://radikalfx.com/2011/12/12/text-addition-for-image-collage-with-html5-and-canvas/ In the last couple of months the hype around web technology has really started to heat up. The HTML5 standard is getting a lot of attention from all major browser manufacturers and all my favorite browsers are starting to support [...]